Beginning of may!!

Really excited to wear my new favorite skirt today that I purchased from Nordstrom, as well as one of my favorite statement necklaces from our collection.. I also added a leather cuff to my ensemble along with one of my wire wrapped “10th street” bangles!

Things I am grateful for today:
1. My bright pink lipstick #lipstick
2. My new favorite statement necklace #necklace
3. Getting a seat on the crowded b train this morning #traintroubles #btrain
4. Happy hour tonight!!!



Arm candy!

There is not a day that I am not wearing at least 10 bangles or bracelets on my arm! I have been very much into wearing spiritual bangles and stretch beaded bracelets with meaning. I’m telling all my customers that they should be paying attention to spirituality charms and also life charms. Here is a sneak peak to what I am going to show next week at march market week in New York City. I’m seeing some of my biggest customers and I will be selling theses looks.

I’ll keep you posted on what I sell to which retailer!

Today I am grateful for:
1. Beet, lemon, ginger, and carrot juice – really have me the energy I needed to work in the showroom.
2. My Zara hat.. Much needed on this cold day.
3. Lisa Loeb – she kept me company while riding the train tonight 🙂






Winter blues?


The cold weather and snow and ice and rain and everything else associated with winter is really getting to me..however.. No excuse not to add some colorful accessories to my outfits to cheer me up!
Check out one of my newest necklaces I just added
To the collection! I love lights mixed with brights, mint and chartreuse Is such a beautiful combination.

I’m selling
This piece at the magic convention in Las Vegas this week, and it
Will be available on my website soon.

Some things I am


for today:

1. My beautiful and colorful necklace
2. The random subway metrocard I found in my pocket with 20.00 value on it! score!
3. My team at work that helped me so much to get ready for my Las Vegas trade show!


Happy new year!

New Years was a blast! I made a ton of resolutions… And I plan to keep them all!

One major resolution was to get my handmade jewelry collection pulled together and ready to sell. I’m excited to say my My Etsy shop is now open and hopefully I’ll have more to update on where you can get the collection at retail very soon! For now my shop name on ETsy is tjeweled.

As always, there are plenty of things to be grateful for..
Things I am grateful for today:
1. Turquoise stones..
2. Antique copper jewelry
3. Late night cups of espresso so I’m able to stay up and make samples 😉

More pictures to follow!






Celebrating all over town

Started my day down in TriBeCa, took an amazing wine tasting at my favorite place in the city.. NY vintners. Tasted some great wines and had a great lunch and then headed up town to saks! Along the way we stopped at fox business for a tour! Thanks ker!

Top things I am grateful for today:
1. Naked 3 eye shadow pallet
2. Unseasonable warm weather in New York, able to layer on some cute sweaters and light weight scarves without the bulk of a down coat.
3. My friends
4. NY vintners and tons of wine
5. My present from Kristy.. One year to an organized life. 🙂